Louisville In Motion

Louisville In Motion 2013

Video Synopsis

This personal project was a labor of love, fueled by Ocean Llama’s passion for videography and appreciation for Louisville, Kentucky. With meticulous planning and patience, Eric traversed the city, meticulously capturing various locations at different times of day and under diverse weather conditions. The goal was to showcase Louisville’s unique character, beauty, and ever-changing dynamics.

Our Role

  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Location Scout
  • Motion Control Operator
  • Editor
  • Color Correction

Client Description

Ocean Llama stands out in the realm of video production with its profound commitment to authenticity and storytelling. Our philosophy centers on the idea that modern video production is both personal and powerful and can be handled by a small, dedicated team. This streamlined approach ensures that each project maintains a consistent artistic vision from inception to completion.

At the heart of Ocean Llama’s ethos is the belief that authenticity is key in building a genuine connection between brands and their audiences. This approach has proven effective in helping businesses move forward, using the power of video to build stronger, more personal connections with their audience, thereby driving business growth.


A captivating 4K timelapse video showcasing the city of Louisville, Kentucky, from multiple vantage points and perspectives.

Stunning visuals featuring iconic landmarks, such as the Louisville Water Tower, Crescent Hill Reservoir, University of Louisville, Bardstown Road, Second Street Bridge, Cathedral of the Assumption, and the Kentucky Court of Justice.

Creative techniques employed, including hyperlapse, zoom effects, and carefully timed shots to capture the city’s essence under various lighting conditions and weather patterns.

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