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View Of The Spires At Churchhill Downs From The Track

Timelapses For The Kentucky Derby.

I never expected to receive a call from NBC Sports asking me to create timelapses…

Sony camera with lots of accessories

Beware Of Decorated Cameras

If you see a really fancy camera you might be getting taken advantage of. An…

Downtown Louisville Looking Towards The Sky

Louisville In Bloom

It’s been roughly eight years since I released Louisville in Bloom. Reflecting back on the…

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The News Enterprise Elizabethtown Kentucky Newspaper Logo

Local videographer Eric Stemen, a 2001 Central Hardin High School graduate, was recently featured in…

Western Kentucky University Red Logo

The Western Kentucky University Film Festival this year was graced by the presence of Eric…

Premium Beat Logo

Premium Beat, a Shutterstock company, specializes in offering high-quality tracks and sound effects for various…

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