Hyper Tough Cordless Lawn Mower

Video Synopsis

This video and photography project was completed for Walmart while working as the in-house Director of Video and Photography at an agency in Chicago. After successfully delivering a previous set of six videos showcasing Walmart’s branded yard equipment, our team was tasked with creating ecommerce content for their new battery-powered lawn mower.

The project scope included producing an in-use video of the product, a maintenance video, and product photography. Typically straightforward, this project presented a unique challenge as it needed to be completed during the winter months to align with Walmart’s planned spring/summer launch.

With yards in the northern United States unsuitable for filming, our team traveled to Florida and rented a house with a garage to serve as the shoot location. The production went smoothly, with our actor able to operate the mower on the overgrown lawn, allowing us to capture the necessary footage of the product in use.

Once the video portion was complete, we transitioned to product photography, swapping camera bodies to utilize a higher resolution camera suitable for ecommerce photography. The amount of color correction required to achieve the final product photography is substantial and often underappreciated by most consumers. A before and after shot in this post highlights the dramatic difference between the original capture and the final color-corrected deliverable.

After wrapping the Florida shoot, we returned home to edit the highlight video, maintenance video, and process the ecommerce photos. Through an efficient post-production process, we delivered the final assets to Walmart ahead of the spring gardening season launch.

Our Role

  • Cinematographer
  • Lighting
  • Jib Operator
  • Editor
  • Graphics
  • Color Correction

Client Description

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores across the United States and 23 other countries. As of 2023, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and employs 2.3 million associates worldwide. With over 10,500 stores and clubs, Walmart’s business model focuses on offering affordable merchandise to consumers at Every Day Low Prices.

One of Walmart’s in-house brands is Hyper Tough, which offers an extensive assortment of affordable and reliable tools for home improvement projects. Whether you’re new to DIY tasks or an experienced handyman, Hyper Tough provides power tools, hand tools, shelving units, storage cases, and more to help tackle any project. The brand aims to make quality tools accessible to both professionals and casual homeowners by selling them at Walmart’s famously low prices.


The deliverables for Walmart’s lawn mower consisted of an engaging in-use video showcasing the product in realistic settings, accompanied by 28 high-resolution photographs.
These images included clean shots against a white background for ecommerce use, as well as vivid in-use photography depicting the mower in action. Rounding out the package was an instructional maintenance video, providing customers with valuable guidance on product care and longevity. This robust multimedia campaign armed Walmart with powerful content to drive sales, build the Hyper Tough brand, and position the innovative cordless mower as a leader in its market.

Product Photography



Image of Lawn Mower Before Color Correction
Image of Lawn Mower After Color Correction

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