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I’ve used Premium Beat a decent amount for music in the past so I was pretty surprised when I found out I had an article on one of the leading stock music sites for video production.  I had created a tutorial on how to create a dolly zoom hyperlapse and had shared it with a few other industry publications and to the best of my recolection I think Premium Beat liked the content enough that they created their own little article based off of the tutorial video I had created.

What most impressed me about the article was that they incorporated a gif of the rendered timelapse.  You don’t see those on websites pretty often so that was really neat.

About Premium Beat

Premium Beat, a Shutterstock company, specializes in offering high-quality tracks and sound effects for various media projects. They boast a diverse library of royalty-free stock music across multiple styles and genres. The licensing process is simplified, allowing easy online purchases. Premium Beat, passionate about music, comprises an international team of composers, designers, programmers, and writers. They are part of Shutterstock’s extensive portfolio, which includes various content licensing and creative tools. Their team of professional composers is handpicked and affiliated with major performing rights organizations, ensuring exclusivity and quality in their music collection.
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